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Responsible Property Investment and Development

At Lioncor we follow best practice when it comes to Responsible Property Investment and believe that ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) considerations are of immense importance and add long term value to our business, community and customers. As a result we incorporate ESG considerations into all investment and key decisions.

ESG focuses on non-financial performance indicators that address our companies approach to responsible investment, sustainability and its overall impact on society and the environment, as well as ethical and corporate governance considerations. By putting ESG performance, at the heart of our decision-making process from acquisition through the development cycle we create a more sustainable and desirable asset.

Download our ESG Policy (PDF)

Our Approach

We believe in the importance of clear standardised ESG data and in the ability of our management team to articulate valuable long-term value creation strategy that outlines both opportunities for our growth and potential risk factors. We understand the importance of embedding ESG factors into our whole business strategy from site acquisition through to sale.

The Vision

Our vision at Lioncor is not only to invest in our business but to invest and build for a better future. We believe that responsible development and the success of our business go hand in hand. We strive to make a difference for our homeowners and for the wider world whilst also delivering strong financial returns. Lioncor believes that a responsible approach towards all business facets from our employees, assets, suppliers, the communities in which we work and the environment forms an essential part of our success.

Our Commitment and Objectives

At Lioncor, we focus on key societal and environmental issues that matter to our stakeholders and on which we can effect some positive change and divide these into three main sectors below:

The Environment - We continually strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and improve our efficient use of resources over time. We also support the goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Social - We foster a positive work environment based on respect for human rights, valuing diversity, and zero tolerance for workplace discrimination, violence or harassment. We operate with leading health and safety practices to support the goal of zero serious safety incidents.

Governance - We operate to the highest ethical standards by conducting business activities in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.  We maintain strong stakeholder relationships through transparency and active engagement.

Download our 2022 Sustainability Report HERE

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