Responsible Property Investment

Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Social Sustainability form the core pillars of our values and ethics at Lioncor. These essential pillars are recognised as the foundation of value creation. They inform subsequent strategy, policies and objectives, the basis of internal risk-based management standards at Lioncor and the responsibility and accountability of all personnel at Lioncor.

Lioncor Developments Limited (“Lioncor”) is a full-service real estate developer focusing on the residential market in Ireland. The company’s shareholders are Oaktree Capital and Alanis Capital. . Both shareholders have board representation and provide strategic guidance to the business. The Board has appointed a highly talented and experienced management and team whom, in the first instance understand and share the organisations values and ethos and secondly bring to the organisation, the benefit of their significant experience within the sector, towards the realisation of our combined policy objectives.

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Development Philosophy

Consistency, value creation and risk aversion

Our real estate development philosophy is founded on these principles:

Risk must be understood if to be managed consistently

An effective risk-based strategy relies on effective risk management, risk assessment and risk communication. Organisational management systems at Lioncor are based on international ISO standards which emphasise risk-based thinking as the foundation for organisational process control. Risk and the components of risk as a function of our site acquisition and development activities are subject to robust risk assessment from pre-acquisition stage and throughout the development lifecycle to satisfy risk/ return benchmarks. Lioncor ensure we achieve consistency by application of consistent process-based risk management criteria across our portfolio.

Market conditions shape value of property development cycles

By leveraging insights from global property development patterns and trends, this knowledge & experience informs local property development plans, positioning Lioncor to the forefront of development cycles that offer relative value.

Each development is unique

As residential property developers, we take special pride in the distinctive quality, design and appearance of our developments, creating synergies between the natural and built environment. We engage local information networks to properly understand the exacting context of the development; the foreseeable risks and opportunities and associated future cashflow of each development.

Shared Advantage creates win-win

Mutually beneficial, long term, supply chain relationships based on trust and confidence form the foundation for sustainable development. Lioncor continually engage with industry and interested stakeholders to enhance positive outcomes at portfolio and asset level for all stakeholders, with a focus on building thriving communities.

Positive Environmental-Social-Governance Policies

We believe that the incorporation of Environmental, Social and good Governance (ESG) policies as core pillars of our organisation, and their execution as part of our day to day decision making will ensure natural synergies that will ultimately benefit the ethical, social and financial sustainability of our business to the benefit of all stakeholders. The implementation of these policies in turn will enhance our portfolios by minimising risk and the creation of value which leads to better outcomes across all three pillars, now and into the future.

Our Approach

The approach to property acquisition and property development encompasses our policies and objectives within a defined process. Lioncor recognises that sustainable policies and credentials contribute an essential part in ensuring better outcomes with respect to our property development activities at asset and portfolio level. With the aid of recognised frameworks such as ISO 26001 international standard for social responsibility and risk based management standards for quality, environmental and health, welfare and safety management, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 respectively, in addition to GRESB and in conjunction with schemes such as Better Buildings Partnership and national certification organisations such as Irish Green Building Council, the organisation at Lioncor is fully equipped to drive a coherent strategy that reflects our values, ethos and business approach.

Our strategy will focus on understanding the impact of our economic strategy, business model and management systems on sustainable communities as well as minimising risk to our portfolio in the long term. An integrated approach to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) will provide our organisation with coherence and common purpose in our investment development process right from asset selection through to disposal and management.

It is therefore our objective to reduce the environmental and social impacts generated by development and management activities including those that may affect climate change.

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