November 2020

Our Work - Your Home and Community

Moving into a new home can be a difficult time not withstanding the additional stresses caused by a global pandemic.
This week we take time out to talk to Sarah Owens, a home owner at The Nurseries about her recent move and how her new neighbours have come together to help each other at a time when family and friends are at a distance.

Sarah explains that “without doubt one of the upsides has been getting to know our new neighbours, making new friends and being able to share our challenges and solutions with each other. With the majority of people working from home, we get to see each other most days and it's great to stop for a chat. With Level 5 restrictions, most of us have been distanced from our family and friends and it is so lovely to have great neighbours for support and to socialise with through these tough times

We love living in a new development as everyone is in the same boat and wants to get to know each other. Our children have got to make new friends which is exciting for them. Moving into a new home in 2020 certainly had its unexpected challenges but overall it has been a positive life changing experience"