January 2021

Our Work - Your Home

Edel comments, "as a person who always preferred to get up and go to work, WFH has been a mammoth adjustment for me. In the beginning I felt under siege, trying to juggle the work/life balance was impossible as they were both happening in the same place. The home environment is full of distractions, it is very easy to be tempted away from work, it takes effort to just sit, focus and get something finished. Adding three kids, home schooling and a global pandemic to the mix and we have a whole other situation.

We are now back into a third lockdown and are slightly more prepared for it. Home schooling has resumed and the kitchen table has once again become our classroom. Keeping everyone safe has been the top priority. We have set boundaries when working and follow a routine.

There are huge benefits to working from home, it offers greater flexibility but it can be lonely. I miss my colleagues, the collaboration, the office banter, and the quality downtime that my daily commute had afforded me. I am looking forward to the return to this, in some capacity, soon