December 2020

Our Work - Your Home

Our Work Your Home
With the introduction of NZEB regulations, New Homes in Ireland have never been more energy efficient. But how does this translate for the end user?

This week we speak to James Green who lives in one of our developments in Limerick about what it’s really like to live in a new energy efficient home.
James commented that “an A2 rated house is quiet, dry, and effortlessly warm. Our electricity bill is about the same as our previous C rated house but there is no gas bill, saving hundreds of euros and the house is warm all day” Some of the things that James doesn’t miss are "having a huge hole in the wall for ventilation, wondering if the kids will get cold at night, having a house that starts getting colder as soon as the heating is turned off, stocking up on winter fuel, condensation and worrying about mould"

Although compliance with NZEB has an upfront cost the benefits of a highly efficient home are multiple and include increased comfort levels, lower and more efficient running costs, cleaner air through mechanical ventilation and a sense that your home is future proofed and less reliant on fossil fuels.

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