August 2021

European Parliament offices & a new life for Chatham House

It is our great pleasure to report that the final contracts have been signed with the EUP in relation to the development of a new European Parliament Liaison Office in Dublin which will be located on Chatham Street, just off Dublin’s premier retail street. Along with enhanced office space the development at Chatham House will include the Europa Experience, the aim of which will be to educate visitors in relation to the EU’s work. The interactive experience will include cutting edge multimedia stations and a 360-degree cinema at basement level which will allow visitors to participate in a plenary session of the parliament or take part in a role-play game as a Member of the European Parliament or as an EU commissioner. Other current Europa Experience destinations include Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Strasbourg and Tallinn, and several other capitals are having their own established. All visits to Europa Experiences are free of charge and available in all 24 official European Union languages including Irish.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the European Parliaments DG for Infrastructure and Logistics, Ms. Leena Maria LINNUS for all her assistance in driving this exciting project for Dublin city and we look forward to delivering a fantastic new asset for the EUP and all European citizens.

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