October 2022

Éirigh at IMMA

The Éirigh pavillion is one of the installations forming part of the inaugural Earth Rising Eco Festival being held on site at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Éirigh meaning ‘wake up’ or ‘get up’ is the result of a dynamic partnership between Lioncor and Reddy Architecture + Urbanism to design a unique gathering space that uses environmentally conscious approaches to materials and assembly to highlight the relationship between the environment, art, architecture and construction. The focus of the team’s collaborative energy was to create a ‘built to disappear’ structure with a light footprint that is both architectural and artistic by design but also a response to environmental concerns and green approaches to construction.

The Earth Rising festival is held over the weekend from Friday October 21st to Sunday October 23rd.  

Many thanks to MJ Duncan & Sons, Barrett Mahony Engineers, Chadwicks Building Supplies and Willie Duggan Lighting for their assistance on this unique project.

Pictured below: Carolyn Strauss (Head of Sales & Marketing at Lioncor) Rory Murphy (Director at Reddy's a+u) and Annie Fletcher (Director of IMMA)

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