July 2022

Alta Verde, Cross Avenue, Blackrock

Alta Verde on Cross Avenue, Blackrock is a residential development which is both truly sustainable and aligned with the EU’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. In January of 2022 the new EU Taxonomy for sustainable investment came into force. This regulation effectively provided us with a classification system which allowed us to target climate neutrality for new construction projects.

As such, our design team have worked in conjunction with our ESG consultant, i3PT to ensure that Alta Verde could achieve the technical screening criteria which would allow us to substantially contribute to the Climate Change Mitigation environmental objective under the EU Taxonomy. The development will also meet or exceed all of the “Do No Significant Harm” and “Minimum Safeguards” criteria set out by the EU Taxonomy.

As part of these efforts, we are investing in Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability assessments, whole life cycle assessments, disassembly and adaptability modelling and several other initiatives, which inform and guide our design and construction efforts from the earliest stages.

During construction we will be engaging a system of activities which are designed to minimise the energy performance gaps, ensuring that these buildings meet with our expectations. We will also be engaging in post-occupancy evaluation in our efforts to continually monitor, measure and improve our building’s performance.